The dark side of the internet cybercrime

The Dark Side of the Internet: Of these, about million were in Africa. With the recent events in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, this number is likely to have grown substantially in the past few months. In the third week of Januarycrisis related tweets were sent from North Africa and Yemen, by the following week this number had increased to 1

The dark side of the internet cybercrime

The Dark Side of the Internet The internet is a vast, unlit wasteland where predators, terrorists, uber criminals, thieves, con-artists, pedophiles, sexual predators, character assassins-for-hire, and foreign government agents lurk undetected, unchecked, and ungoverned.

The article contained a series of false statements suggesting Cohen had criminal convictions for fraud and money laundering and that his industrial real estate firm, Cohen Asset Management, Inc. That Google alert started a four year saga for Mr. Cohen, his family, and his company that led through the dark, back alleys of the internet.

Cohen and his investigators encountered websites offering fetish sex and all sorts of angry, horrifying, and unbelievable rants, assertions, and personal attacks of many types and against many things, people, companies, and countries.

It involved FBI agents, and more than two dozen attorneys and investigators costing millions of dollars. In the end, Mr. Cohen and his family were guarded day and night by armed guards to protect them as he fought to clear his reputation and that of his company.

However, he was only able to achieve those results because of his wealth. A full account of Mr. Virtually none of these predatory concepts or things have their authors or creators identified or listed.


The source of funds that sponsored the document, as yet, has not been disclosed. Counsel for such companies, both corporate counsel and outside counsel, must be in a position to manage an inquiry or search to identify sources of such articles and verify or establish the correctness of such pieces.

It is becoming a required skill set for such counsel.

In addition, very well prepared counsel, both corporate and outside, will be skilled in anticipating such occurrences and helping their clients avoid or perhaps eliminate them.

A number of entities advertise their ability to utilize or create internet influence programs or strategies for businesses or individuals. Understanding this and being capable of dealing with this very point, is an essential element of being effective, forward thinking corporate and outside counsel.

Yahoo acknowledged at the end of that over 1. If we do not do something soon, we are at risk of lasting economic damage. These integrated systems will, ultimately, become integral components of service packages from all responsible service companies to all of their business, government, and individual clients.

The role of corporate counsel, and key, in house advisers on all matters cyber, must be at the forefront of those evaluations and must understand those technologies. I have sorted through those for you and there are some very important true facts that need to be kept in mind by all business, government, organizations, and individuals regarding this developing area.

In no particular order, please take careful note of the following: There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds affecting one in three American each year. Government, Retail businesses, and Technology firms.

Since there are 3, records stolen from data breaches every day,per hour, 2, per minute, and 44 every second of every day. Cybersecurity Ventures reportedly estimate that the global cybersecurity sector will grow at a combined average rate of 9.

Unfilled cybersecurity jobs will reach 1. There are 25 connected devices per inhabitants in the US and it will rise to 50 to million connected devices by Additionally, I have included a few very key and well written items in the Further Resources section at the end of the article.

The dark side of the internet cybercrime

It is critical that corporate counsel and their outside colleagues immerse themselves in the technical and operational vernacular of the cyber era.As such the negative side of the World Wide Web, cybercrime, has developed as just one of the major disadvantages with the internet. Cyber Crime itself is a broad term and can and does include any crime that is committed via the show more content.

Cyber Crime: The Dark Side of the Internet CERDAS 1 Life is full of good and evil just like Internet does. It does a lot of good for us, but it also has its dark sides too. The Internet has become a place for exploitation for cyber crime.

Cybercrime – the Dark Edges of the Internet Criminal activity is a growing menace on the internet. This inevitably means more diligence is required by legitimate users in the face of an increasingly sophisticated criminal threat.

The breach of Google’s security and the aforementioned year-long investigation into the dark side of the Internet show just how vulnerable society is to cyberattacks. Every time a computer connects to a network and communicates with other computers, the user is taking a risk.

Investigator has the dark side of the internet cybercrime over 21 years+ of real commercial experience He is a Master Systems Analyst Programmer. analysis the dark side of the internet cybercrime and research for business technology professionals.

the dark side of modern technology. Cybercrime: the dark side of modern technology Cybercrime, or Computer Crime refers to any crime that involves a computer and a network.

The dark side of the internet cybercrime

Netcrime refers to criminal exploitation of the Internet.

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