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Tax shields vary from country to country, and their benefits depend on the taxpayer's overall tax rate and cash flows for the given tax year. For example, because interest payments on certain debts are a tax-deductible expense, taking on qualifying debts can act as tax shields. Calculating the tax shield can be simplified by using this formula: Tax Shields as Incentives The ability to use a home mortgage as a tax shield is a major benefit for many middle-class people whose homes are major components of their net worth.

Terms papers

About Versacorp and the versacorp. Versacorp began as a merger of the Jeffrey R. Charles' photography and art business photography services, custom enlargements, drawings, exhibits, etc.

At the same time, Mr. This aspect of the business also involves photography, but emphasizes a wide range of new technology development and related speculative product and intellectual property IP marketing.

The name "Versacorp" was originated for the business because it was descriptive of the many encompassed markets and the versatile nature of the original and planned products, services, and technology.

The first Versacorp-designed product not counting artwork was the VersAdapter TMa multiple function photographic and visual adapter for telescopes and other optical systems.

Several months later, Versacorp moved its operations to Arizona, and, with an advertisement in the January issue of Sky and Telescope magazine, began to internationally market a variety of its products, including the highly innovative VersAgonal TMa multiple function photo-visual flip mirror attachment for telescopes, surveillance instruments, microscopes, and other optical systems.

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In the next few years, Versacorp performed a variety of services including several types of repair and consulting engineering. Versacorp also obtained several patents, transferred some of its technology to licensees, and marketed wholesale and retail many additional products.

ByVersacorp had introduced more than 80 new optical, mechanical, electronic, and published products, some of which are still on the market today. While many Versacorp products relate to optics, other past and present Versacorp products, services, and technologies encompass a wide variety of additional markets including aerospace, astronomy, consulting, engineering, industrial equipment, sporting goods, surplus items including miscellaneous itemstransportation, furnishings, novelties, toys, games, ornamental design, publications, photography; film, video and digital cameras, video accessories; video production, custom machining, and more.

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Up throughVersacorp was also a dealer for Questar and Vernonscope instruments, and Versacorp customers have ranged from individuals, to universities, to the NASA funded Jet Propulsion Laboratory. InVersacorp moved its operations to California and began to place more emphasis on IP and services.

At this time, Versacorp discontinued some of its simpler astronomy related products in favor of a smaller number of more versatile multifunction products. InVersacorp began to emphasize Internet marketing of its products, services, and technology.

Services were expanded to include image processing, web page design, technical writing, screen writing, editing, referrals, science consulting, design engineering, conceptual design, and system engineering. Products, technologies, and other intellectual property developed or introduced during this time include airborne and space platforms, communications, medical, software, written works including action, historical, science fiction, and technicaland new technology for degree panoramic imaging.

ByVersacorp had built on its founder's 's wide angle imaging concepts to go beyond degree panoramic imaging and developed technology for true one shot full sphere imaging and associated virtual reality environments. Versacorp subsequently obtained related utility patents encompassing over claims.

Inthe founder of Versacorp authored the book "Practical Astrophotography", which is published by Springer-Verlag. More recent Versacorp products, services, technology, and other IP holdings include the fields of architecture and site design, digital imaging, microscopes, scanning mirrors, and automotive parts.


Versacorp currently offers most of its previously available services and many of its previously introduced products, as well as technology transfer and other licensing opportunities for all aspects of its intellectual property IP.

More recently, Versacorp has been using some of its web space to promote technology transfer for its patented and patent pending panoramic and full sphere virtual reality technologies.

Terms papers

Performing Arts works mostly lyrics and some music were included in available IP by Those interested in licensing Versacorp technology or other Versacorp intellectual property are invited to contact the Technology Transfer Department at: More information can be found through links in this web page and in conditions of use for this web site.

If it's innovative, it's by Versacorp! This web site includes information about Versacorp engineering servicesoptical instrumentation and technology.

It also includes technical articles and links relating to astronomytotal solar eclipsesand more! It is administered by Jeffrey R. Charles and served by KTB. Please send Versacorp E-mail to: For expeditious navigation, minimal graphics are used in the table of contents. To view each item or directory, click on the appropriate blue or pink type in the above top level T.

The expanded table of contents near the top of this web page shows most items that are included in, and envisioned to be included in, this web page.

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Testimonials Johnson stated that the aim of the Vietnam War was to secure an "independent, non-Communist South Vietnam ", a January memorandum by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara stated that an underlying justification was "not to help a friend, but to contain China". The memorandum begins by disclosing the rationale behind the bombing of North Vietnam in February

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