Skara brae

The discovery of the village "On the far curving shore of the bay lies Skara Brae, hazy through the sea-haar. In the winter ofa great storm battered Orkney. There was nothing particularly unusual about that, but, on this occasion, the combination of wind and extremely high tides stripped the grass from a large mound, then known as "Skerrabra".

Skara brae

Uncovered by a storm inSkara Brae gives a remarkable picture of life 5, years ago, before Stonehenge was built. Explore this prehistoric village and see ancient homes fitted with stone beds, dressers and seats.

A replica house allows visitors to explore its interior, while the visitor centre Skara brae touch-screen presentations, fact-finding quizzes and an opportunity to see artefacts discovered during the archaeological excavations Skara brae the s.

There is a cafe and a well stocked gift shop selling locally-made souvenirs and crafts. Joint ticket with Skaill House available April - September.

Wild storms ripped the grass from a high dune known as Skara Brae, beside the Bay of Skaill, and exposed an immense midden refuse heap and the ruins of ancient stone buildings.

The discovery proved to be the best-preserved Neolithic village in northern Europe. And so it remains today.

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Skara Brae was inhabited before the Egyptian pyramids were built, and flourished for centuries before construction began at Stonehenge. It is some 5, years old. But it is not its age alone that makes it so remarkable and so important. It is the degree to which it has been preserved.

The structures of this semi-subterranean village survive in impressive condition. So, amazingly, does the furniture in the village houses. Nowhere else in northern Europe are we able to see such rich evidence of how our remote ancestors actually lived.

The profound importance of this remarkable site was given official recognition in when it was inscribed upon the World Heritage List as part of the Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site.

The houses All the houses are well-built of closely-fitting flat stone slabs. They were set into large mounds of midden household refuse and linked by covered passages. Each house comprised a single room with a floor space of roughly 40sq m.

The artefacts A rich array of artefacts and ecofacts has been discovered during the various archaeological excavations. They include gaming dice, hand tools, pottery and jewellery necklaces, beads, pendants and pins.

Most remarkable are the richly carved stone objects, perhaps used in religious rituals.

Skara Brae | ancient village, Scotland, United Kingdom |

The villagers were farmers, hunters and fishermen, capable of producing items of beauty and sophistication with rudimentary technology. No weapons have been found and the settlement was not in a readily defended location, suggesting a peaceful life. Most of the artefacts are now on view in the visitor centre, a short walk away.

The end of village life Village life appears to have ended around 2, BC. No one knows why. Some argue that it was because a huge sandstorm engulfed their houses, others that it was more gradual.

As village life came to an end, new monuments were beginning to rise up on mainland Orkney, including most importantly the chambered tomb at Maes Howe and the impressive stone circles at the Ring of Brodgar and Stenness.

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Visit the 5, year old village of Skara Brae and see what life was like in the Stone Age. This world famous Maeshowe was built before BC.

The large mound covers a stone built passage and a burial chamber with cells in the walls. The Brough of Birsay is a Pictish and Norse powerbase with well, replica carvings, ruins of Norse homes and 12th century church. Explore this attraction with the ScotlandVR app.Uncovered by a storm in , Skara Brae gives a remarkable picture of life 5, years ago, before Stonehenge was built.

Skara brae

Explore this prehistoric village and see ancient homes fitted with stone beds, dressers and seats. Combining true strength and delicate beauty, this intriguing design blends liquid honey accents with patchworks of grays, whites, and cream to beautifully merge warm .

Orkney - Archaeological Sites. Skara Brae - Ring of Brodgar - Stones of Stenness Maes Howe - Brough of Birsay Rennibister Earth House - Broch of Gurness.

1. Here you are landing, escaping from the attacked Adventurers' Guild from the surface. A HOME IN THE DARK With the Adventurers' Guild in flames and Bishop Henred's Paladins hot on your trail its time to regroup in the subterranean streets of Skara Brea Below. A BBC Scotland site exploring Skara Brae.

This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving. Skara Brae – najlepiej zachowane osiedle neolityczne, znajdujące się na głównej wyspie archipelagu Orkadów (u wybrzeży Szkocji).Ze względu na wyjątkowe znaczenie historyczne tego miejsca Skara Brae zostało wpisane w roku na listę światowego dziedzictwa UNESCO..

Do roku osiedle to znajdowało się pod wydmami zatoki .

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