Knowledge and perception of cervical cancer research

Sorry, we are unable to provide the full text but you may find it at the following location s: Suggested articles Citations An educational program to increase cervical and breast cancer screening in Hispanic women. Beliefs about the risk factors for cervical cancer in a British population sample.

Knowledge and perception of cervical cancer research

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Knowledge and perception of cervical cancer research

What do we have to lose? Of course there has been huge research into this, but probably not by those suffering from this condition. We know ourselves and have an insider intuitive sense.

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Knowledge and perception of cervical cancer research

I know we can cure this, but we need to bond and help each investigate.Cervical cancer rates increase with increasing age, with the highest incidence among women ages years in Kenya.

1 Consistent with the known risk of cervical cancer in older women, there was an increased perception of risk for cervical cancer with increasing age in this Kenya population.

However, pre-cancerous lesions occur at relatively younger ages, and are highly treatable. International Scholarly Research Notices is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal covering a wide range of subjects in science, technology, and medicine. Outcome measures include perception of cervical cancer, knowledge of preventive practices, and proportion of respondents who had engaged in preventive practices.

Attitudes of Nursing Students towards Prevention of Cervical Cancer. Cervical AbdAllah AAA, Hummeida ME, Elmula IMF Awareness and Attitudes of Nursing Students towards Prevention of Cervical Cancer.

Cervical Cancer 1: doi: 6 Page 2 of 3 Shows Students’ knowledge of Cervical Cancer Screening Methods by Various.

RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access Conclusion:Knowledge, perception of higher susceptibility and attending child welfare clinic are key disease, level of knowledge on cervical cancer, and per-ceived susceptibility. P-values ≤ were considered statistically significant. The study aims to explore knowledge and attitudeSs regarding cervical cancer screening and to examine its determinants based on the perspectives of Taiwanese women with physical disabilities living in the community. A cross-sectional survey was employed in . Knowledge of HPV, Perception of Risk, and Intent cervical cancer cases, and 2 more types that cause about 90% of genital warts cases (GARDASIL, “Information about GARDASIL,” para.1). Females may be more Targeting research efforts to the male population may provide.

A preliminary study on perception of Cervical cancer Dr Anthropology, University of Calcutta, Kolkata – Abstract- An attempt has been made to study the correlates of knowledge of cervical cancer in a working women group.

The survey undertaken is a part of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice International Journal of Scientific and. Cervical cancer and premalignant lesions constitute a major problem in women health according to the WHO, cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide and is the most frequent cancer in many developing countries, with an estimate of about , women diagnosed with it and , dying from it per year, cervical cancer.

Knowledge of Human Papillomavirus Infection, Cervical Cancer and Willingness to pay for Cervical Cancer Vaccination among Ethnically Diverse Medical Students in Malaysia, Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, , 16, 14,

Cervical cancer screening: knowledge, health perception and attendance | IJWH