India a hub for medical tourism

On advice of a friend, he came to India for an advanced Neuro Rehabilitation. Technologically advanced hospitals, specialized doctors, low-cost treatment and e-medical visa facilities have contributed to help India become one of the fastest growing medical tourism destinations in Asia. They mostly come to India for heart surgery, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery and dental care, as the treatment cost in India is considered lowest in Asia.

India a hub for medical tourism

Vellore - A Hub for Medical Tourism

We help you to get the right medical opinion. Health Opinion offers a seamless experience in India that allows you to experience the internationally accredited medical facilities, treatment from highly qualified doctors and the authentic Indian hospitality.

India a hub for medical tourism

We stand by you through the process… Testimonials I have been updated everything regarding thetreatment in advance, and the communication was proper and appreciable. Staying in India was a wonderful experience and the all the arrangements were smooth and proper.

Overall service was satisfying. We wish you all the success for your future services also. Receiving from the airport, reaching the hospital, doctor appointment, discharge, hotel settlement, everything were well organized. Communication was excellent and my stay in India was really beautiful.

I will definitely refer Health opinion to my friends and relatives. I am very happy about the services of Health Opinion and I wish good luck to the team. Orooba Mohammed SaeedIraq - Hip Replacement Even from the first day of our appointment in Apollo Hospital, you have given the best support and guidance to us.

The surgery was really successful and the team Health Opinion was with us throughout the treatment period. I am really satisfied with your service. Keep it up and all the best.

ManimegalaiIndia - Knee Replacement Surgery.Dr. Amrendra Kumar, Director, DermaClinix, New Delhi talks to ETHealthwrold on how India has become a global hub for medical tourism for anti aging treatments.

Best care. Anywhere.

Citing the major reason he says that India offers best treatment at highly affordable cost. Stay in touch with us for more updates on Medical and Health Tourism in India.

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Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * . HealthOpinion is a health assistance organisation that answers all the questions that a patient and his family may harbour and aids in providing affordable, safe and quality Medical Treatments in India at all the major cities.

HealthOpinion is one of the preferred institutions that provide medical tourism in India. The medical value travel (MVT) industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing segments of the sunrise tourism sector in India.

The country’s rich history, cultural heritage and diversity. India Is Becoming A Hub For 'Medical Tourists' — Despite The 'Million Dollar Difference' In Care the medical tourism industry is expected to see a more than 20 percent annual growth rate.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad has emerged as a major hub for medical tourism and the city has been drawing people in need of medicare from across the globe, said Nizamabad MP K Kavitha here on Thursday.

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