How to write a news and views article science&technology

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How to write a news and views article science&technology

With great content must also come great punctuation. Avoid overuse of parentheses.

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Inserting too many parentheses could cause your readers to get confused and lose focus while reading. Only use parentheses to make an extra remark every once in a while.

There are a few rules to follow when using capital letters: Not placing hyphens correctly in your sentences can take the meaning out of context and frankly, you want your readers to understand what you write. The latter literally implies a cut case that is clear, which is incorrect.

For science writing, remember that the focus is on writing about a technical topic. Airing your views can diminish the credibility of the article.

Have you ever written a lengthy sentence only to re-read it again, not fully comprehending what you just wrote?

how to write a news and views article science&technology

The moment you catch this happening, you have to fix it immediately. If you are lost in your own sentence, there is no way you can expect a reader to understand it.

When you come across this hurdle, it is best to start afresh and re-write the sentence, or break it apart and replace it with two shorter sentences. Revising is part of writing.

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Re-reading and editing your work does not indicate that you are a poor writer. William Strunk and E. Asian Scientist Magazine; Photo: This article does not necessarily reflect the views of AsianScientist or its staff.The next step is to write a draft of your article.

The goal is to write something that can be understood by a general scientific audience (e.g., one of your classmates) so what you write needs to avoid specialized jargon. News and Views articles are brief and aim to introduce .

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News & Views These articles inform nonspecialist readers about new scientific advances, as reported in recently published papers (in Nature and elsewhere).

This is a commission-only section. So the articles are selected and commissioned by Nature editorial staff, and written by invited authors.

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Technology news. Read articles on new gadgets and prototypes for future technology from leading research institutes around the world. Get the latest science news with ScienceDaily's free email.

The latest research news from top universities about topics related to science and technology. In the previous chapter, we discussed the challenge facing journalists in reporting science and technology. We advised on the ways of preparing yourself and of using experts to make your task easier.

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