Graphic design case study

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Graphic design case study

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Logo Brainstorming ideas on the task to design a logo for a landscaping business, most people will imagine something connected with plants, flowers or their elements. However, keen on getting fresh stuff which would distinguish the company from the competitors, the client stated the wish to step aside from the traditional associations and try other creative directions.

They wanted the brand sign to be dynamic, immediately connected to the theme of nature but moving away from ideas and patterns typical of landscaping logo design. After that, the set of basic digitized options were offered.

Graphic design case study

Some of the options were visually connected to the plants and greenery, for example, the lettermark made of leaves, the image of a flower, the shapes of landscape site patches also resembling the flower petals.

Also, there were shown the shapes of trees presented in balanced geometric forms giving the room for flexibility in a landscape logo design.

The other options in this set were focused on dynamic images of living creatures like insects or birds. Thinking about the number of factors, the client put their preference on the image of a dragonfly as a mascot.

For the variety of usage options, the mascot image was added with the wordmark featuring the company name and accomplished in a style harmonically corresponding to the mascot.

The dragonfly visualizes a bright creature on a green lawn, besides, its wings look like flower leaves. Turquoise circle with a dragonfly gives a solid stamp effect as well as looks playful due to the color palette.


The wordmark typography complements and also unveils the core brand services of the company. Slogan The next step of the creative process was to support design with copywriting: Short and catchy, the slogan had to support the idea of the beauty made by people but rooting in natural harmony.

Branded items Stationery and business cards The designer prepared a set of templates for company documents, including business cards, letterhead, and envelopes, that reflect the brand identity in an elegant, non-distracting way. As you can see below, business cards and the title page of a letter blank used the stroke version of the logo applied to the combination of corporate colors.

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Illustrations Another task was theme illustrations which could be used for marketing needs in social networks and on the website. Creating landscaping identity, marketing and design specialists of today know that custom graphic assets used for online sources of communication play a crucial role in strengthening solid online presence and recognizability.

After a bunch of experiments, the designer came up with graphics in airy style applying soft pastel colors and light strokes. Illustrations immediately set the precious connection with the theme of landscaping.

Vehicle At the next stage, the identity design process for LunnScape was carried through to other company assets, including the corporate truck livery, which features easily recognizable branding. Style guide The client was also provided with a full set of guidelines for logo and identity use, including color palettes, fonts, and placement.

Also, it showed examples of incorrect usage in order to avoid poor visual performance. In addition, all the branded items were included in the guidelines and described in detail. More Case Studies For those, who are interested to see more practical case studies with creative flows for a logo and identity design, here is the set of them.Graphic design case study topics Navin learns graphic design case study topics he is the general they’ve heard about in prophecies, using a framework or structured approach to developing a recommendation for a case study interview question provides the added benefit of giving the interviewer something to take back and present to his or her.

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