Fair weather friends

The second largest county fair in New York State is the showplace for agriculture in Dutchess County.

Fair weather friends

Pinkie Pie invites Spike to join her in commentating. As the racers gather at the starting line, Applejack makes sure Rainbow Dash will keep good on her promise by tying her wings up.


To their surprise, Twilight Sparkle joins the race to experience it herself, giving them the opportunity to mock their "egghead" friend. They are deeply amused by the fact that she has never ran a race but has read on the subject. The race begins Applejack and Rainbow Dash hitting each other.

The marathon begins and Rainbow Dash and Applejack are already leading, determined to win once and for all. They are neck and neck before Applejack trips over a rock. She immediately accuses her rival of intentionally tripping her.

With the exception of Twilight Sparkle, who is casually strolling behind and enjoying the scenery, the rest of the ponies rush past her. Later, Rainbow Dash slows to a comfortable trot, confident of her lead, but Applejack runs past her.

This time, the Pegasus trips over a stump and falls second-to-last next to Twilight Sparkle. She reminds Rainbow Dash that this is just a game. Too stubborn to believe that her apple-bucking friend would never stoop to such acts, Rainbow Dash decides to play dirty.

Pinkie Pie and Spike still narrate from above. Catching up to Applejack, the two use the environment of the White Tail Woods to their advantage, from branches to bees to tree syrup. Along the way, Rainbow Dash flips an arrow sign, which points Applejack to a dead-end up a nearby mountain.

Fair weather friends

All the racers after Applejack continue on the original path and run past Rainbow Dash while she leans on the sign laughing. When Twilight stops by, she mentions that all the other racers just ran past her. Dash runs off to get back in the race. Meanwhile, Applejack reaches the mountain summit and realizes Dash tricked her.

Pinkie Pie offers her a lift in the Twinkling Balloon. As they approach the home stretch, Applejack and Rainbow fight harder than ever before to finish first. When the finish line is in sight, they start deliberately bumping into each other sideways.

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Applejack intercepts her and they fight all the way to the finishing line. They start arguing about who finished first, but to their shock, their constant clash and mutual obstruction had caused them to fall behind and tie for last place.

Even Twilight got fifth place, and she explains that she followed the advice from her books and paced herself throughout the race, before going all-out when most of the racers were worn out. Twilight says this is a good result for a first-time racer.th Edition of the State Fair of Louisiana: October 25 - November 11 (Closed Mondays & Tuesdays).

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The SIC is to look into a reduced fares scheme for family and friends of residents living in Fair Isle. Shetland South councillor Robbie McGregor raised.

Fair Weather Dog Training Club. The friendly club where you can train your dog for obedience, agility and flyball. NTV’s Chief Meteorologist Eddie Sheerr has had a wild introduction to being a NLer, From our wonky summers and winters to finding love, Sheerr gives us his latest projections for what to expect when we’re expecting (weather wise of course!).

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