Assignment on hotel travelinn

Carnival Destiny Publication Date: We live in the Sacramento CA. Diane had finally convinced her sister Jeanne and husband Don to take a cruise for the first time. Their previous experience had been a service transfer to Guam in the 50s.

Assignment on hotel travelinn

Place an order Task 3 This task is related to the development of a plan which is based on hospitality industry. We have already learnt in the previous task about the concepts, development, objectives, general idea, market research, funding, scale, location, size, nature, investments, licensing, products and services, ambiance, culture, brand, pricing etc.

All these factors make a hospitality industries bloom. Hence, before starting a new hospitality project these things should be kept in mind in order to accomplish success. Future planning is very necessary for every hospitality industry so that all the strengths and weaknesses are known in advance.

One thing we are sure in the world of business is the rapidly changing dynamic environment. In order to cope up with the pace of these changing trends, companies have to ensure that along with sustaining the market policies they should also be capable of adapting these changes in trends.

There is a simple concept of every business organization that is to offer standardized services to its customers. To attract maximum number of customers hospitality industries have to ensure that they introduce variety in their products to keep the interests of the customers in their brand.

The hospitality industry is the most advanced sector Assignment on hotel travelinn it has always more to offer to Assignment on hotel travelinn with their increasing demands. Understanding the difference between wants and needs will help the company to organize a targeted plan.

With the increase in globalization, people are becoming more and more demanding with companies that run the industry of hospitality. The target market that we have selected is concerned with middle class people who have bounded earnings.

Such customers are not facilitated with expensive products as they do not have sufficient amount to afford expensive restaurants and hotels. But the company will establish the fact that there is no settlement regarding quality and quantity of products and services.

As they do not have sufficient money to spend, our target is to offer them services at an economical price. According to the study, the graph of average class families is subsequently higher than that of high class families in terms of population.

The company should aim to provide world class services in such manner that the customers are contended as well as the hotels to obtain adequate profits so that both the objectives are achieved.

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The hospitality industry envisions targeting average class people as they constitute the largest of crowd. To make this perception more bright and clear we will take an example of the organization we have chosen that is Premier Inn hotels based in UK.

One of the major hotel brands in UK, Premier Inn provides best hotel facilities to its customers at a reasonable price. The brand is deeply rooted to the grounds of culture and arts that our world offers. Keeping in mind the needs of the people of all the classes, this hotel provides free Wi-Fi services, charge less vacation for kids, quality food at economic rate and an affordable hotel rooms with best holiday deals.

It facilitates quality and luxurious services at the cheapest offers. Thus, we can conclude that middle class holds an important place in hospitality sector for the company to grow and keep its position stable in the market.

There are five general functions of management that is planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. The principle of these functions is to achieve organizational targets. For the successful functioning in the world of business, these management functions hold a significant importance.

Assignment on hotel travelinn

Apart from these functions, there are two other aspects that need to be promoted by the company that functions in the various grounds of the market trends. These factors constitute an impressive business plan for the company and the capital investment required for finalizing these operations that will make the plan effective and successful.

The organizations appoint human resource team who guides the employees to execute these policies and strategies effectively. Development of business relies on the aspects like what it visions to achieve, what is the idea behind the concept and what objectives it aims at.

In addition to this, the advancement and locality also plays a significant part because the site where funds will be allocated should be well elaborated and people should be aware of that area. Markets should be well assessed which includes the scope of investment, size and structure of the company, funds allocation, target markets etc, providing best services and goods, keeping a check on licensing which constitutes membership etc.

All these decisions should be made keeping in mind the requirements of average class people. To activate the rationale company appoints a management team who enforce these plans efficaciously.

Modernization in ideas enables organization to launch new goods in the market that will persuade folks to purchase the products which will provide the company to maximize its profits and will help in balancing the pace to cope up with the stimulation of the work environment.

It is necessary to pre plan the whole idea of business operation before implementing it to action. The entire paradigm related to business should be investigated such as allocation of funds, assets required etc.

They need to evaluate the total earnings and cash flow they will retrieve in the end. In light of the project we proposed in the previous segment of this assignment, the capital required will be less as compared to normal amount as per our assessment.

Since we are considering the medium class people, we need to safeguard that they are not provided with luxurious services but there should not be any compromise with quality in relation to arrangements for customers. As we know Premier Inn works on a systematic planning and is an appropriately organized hospitality industry, the funds can be accumulated from the savings that company might have kept for the future projects.

The other way of compiling resources can be done from the incentives that will be receive from the customers and the final payments they will give for the package they chose. Every organization has some sponsors who give commission to the organization for advertising their products.Assignment on Hotel Travelinn Essay 1.

Course -post graduate diploma in hospitality and tourism management Assignment on a hotel; Choose three hotels and select best one hotel from these HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM STRATEGIC PLANNING INTRODUCTION THE PURPOSE OF THIS MODULE IS TO DEVOLP SKILLS IN .

Jun 19,  · The given assignment also highlights different ways and procedures to evaluate the strategic skills that are required in order to achieve the required and targeted ambition or the goal of .

Strategic Management case study in the Hotel industry Essay Sample. Having experienced the SARS, July 7th, terrorist attack, and the Bird Flu, which have slowed down the UK economy and had an adverse effect on the hotel industry, there are now clear signs of recovery.

Premier Inn is one of the United Kingdom’s largest hotel brands with more than hotels which was operating initially under the brand name of Travel Inn prior to win.

Premier Inn hotel is a brand owned by Whitbread group of the United Kingdom and is positioned as a budget hotel chain. Home Essays Assignment on Hotel Travelinn. Assignment on Hotel Travelinn.

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Topics: Management Technology COMP – Database Systems Assignment 3 Holiday Hotel has a database system that records data on the hotel rooms, and the guests that use the rooms. A portion of the database schema is given below.

Guest . We stayed in the Intercontinental hotel at San Juan for one day prior to the cruise. This hotel is conveniently located near the airport and on the beach.

The beach is lovely, and we walked for miles.

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