Analysis of sam spade

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Analysis of sam spade

After she tutors him for a calculus exam and he fails it, which results in him getting suspended from the football team, he blames her. Todd hires attorney Nora Hanen Hillary B. Smithwho believes in his innocence until a woman named Carol Swift reveals Todd also raped her; Nora causes a mistrial.

Todd continues to torment Marty, including by attempting to rape her for a second time, but she eventually tricks Todd into confessing, sending him, Zach and Powell to prison.

Analysis of sam spade

Per Marty's testimony that Powell, who was peer pressured into raping her, is remorseful, Powell receives a lighter sentence one year with the possibility of parole in three months to Todd and Zach's eight years with the possibility of parole in four years.

This spurs on Todd's need for revenge. While in prison, he befriends Rebecca Lewis Reiko Aylesworth and attends counseling sessions. Todd and Rebecca develop romantic feelings for each other, and Todd convinces Rebecca to help him escape prison.

He is stabbed in the chest with a pair of scissors by Nora when he goes after her for revenge. Officer Bo Buchanan Robert S. WoodsNora's love interest, rescues her from Todd. The two fight, but Todd escapes. In hiding, he is discovered by Marty and her boyfriend, Suede Pruitt.

After accidentally killing Suede when they fight, he is shot by Bo; Todd falls into the Llantano River, and is presumed dead. Todd survives and hides at Llanfairwhere he befriends two children, C.

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He is arrested when he jealously confronts new couple Rebecca and Powell. His prison van gets into an accident with another vehicle, and he rescues Marty, C. This results in an early parole for Todd, but he continues to seek counseling.

He is later accused of rape by several women. Marty reluctantly provides him with an alibi for one of the attacks. A deranged Powell, believing Todd is in his head, is later revealed as the serial rapist and kidnaps Rebecca. When Todd confronts him, making it so that Rebecca can escape, he kidnaps Todd and makes Todd feel the way Marty felt when they raped her.

Todd proceeds to overpower Powell. After Powell is caught and arrested, Todd apologizes to Marty for all the pain he caused her, recognizing that he "was a monster.

In DecemberPeter Manning dies and Todd learns he is adopted.Nickname: Description: ABSALON EXPRESS: Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.

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ACE CARD VII: Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise. Sam Spade – Character Analysis Essay Sample.

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